• How can we ship?
  • How reliable are your companies?
  • What’s the turn over time ?
  • Costs involved in Import and Export ?
  • How do i do an Export invoice?
How can we ship?

The cheapest and the fastest method is EMS ( express mail Service ) from the post office , This is a tractable service and your package will reach us with in 7 – 10 working days. Courier companies like Fed Ex and UPS charge around US $ 150 - $ 200 + 3% NBT to clear valuable cargo, If you are willing to pay please do ship via courier.

How reliable are your companies?

Each of our listed companies have been in business over 2 years , each company has a lapidary and our association has done background checks on each , If you have had any bad dealings with our members please do Email us , we will try our best to sort things out.

What’s the turn over time ?

Turnover depends on the amount of work in each factory , Most of our members use First in First out method to process orders. If its a small quantity and need urgently please communicate directly with the factory concerned.

Costs involved in Import and Export ?

EMS package with a value of under US $ 500 cost around US $ 40 - $50 to clear sri Lankan customs this includes NBT charges , Warf clerk Handling charges and transportation.

Export charges are around US $ 60 – 80 depending on return value . this includes Insurance , handling charges and national gem and jewellery authority charges.

How do i do an Export invoice?

When you are sending the rough or cut stones for faceting you will need to send a Export invoice along with the package for customs . The Invoice should have the following

  • Your company name
  • Company Address
  • Invoice number
  • Receivers company name and Address.
  • Should have the words -Sending the bellow rough on NFE ( no foreign exchange ) basis
  • Itemized list of Stones with weight and cost
  • Please keep in mind there is a 3% tax on the declared customs value

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